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This is Another Life Changing Opportunity Where you can earn up to ₦90000 straight to your bank account.
Please try not to miss this wonderful opportunity because it’s ready to change your financial situation. Team Bulldozer is a formidable group dominated by smart entrepreneurs to provide steady income and solve people problems in different ways
This is not quick rich ponzi scam Our goal is to help 20,000 people start their journey to financial freedom before 2021. With your permission, we want to work with you and help you live in HEALTH and be FINANCIALLY FREE
To achieve this, we are partnering with a tried and trusted German based health company that has been existing for over 16 years and their health products have saved thousands of people from several acute and chronic diseases. This same company has produced over 100,000 millionaires globally.
We have realized the fact that to create WEALTH and be financially FREE, you have to work with:
1. The Right People
2. The Right System &
3. The Right Mindset
Team Bulldozer gives you the first 2 while you possess number 3 as the  requirement for success.
The system which will drive our vision to the TOP is NUEVERGOLD.
We indulged in several weeks of investigative research and discovered the following about NUEVERGOLD
¤ NUEVERGOLD is the only health MLM company whose products are recommended in top Indian hospitals
¤ There are thousands of testimonies from many people who got healed from one disease or the other by using NUEVERGOLD health  products
¤ NUEVERGOLD has been in existence since 2003. That is over 15 years in the business of saving lives and giving people the opportunity to create/build WEALTH
¤ NUEVERGOLD has the best compensation plan ever. Very simple and straight forward. No flushing of PV, No slavery. No difficulty whatsoever!
¤ NUEVERGOLD products has no side effects. All their products are 100% organic in nature and works like magic.
¤ The products & kits you will be given  immediately after joining is more than your REGISTRATION FEE
¤ There is high demand for NUEVERGOLD products due to their  efficacy and how powerful they are.
¤ NUEVERGOLD pays partners weekly even if you don’t request for withdrawal
¤ NUEVERGOLD company can’t liquidate(or go bankrupt) because they make so much money due to high global  demand of their products
After discovering the goodies of  NUEVERGOLD and how outstanding the company is, we concluded that it is the best company our team can proudly  partner with.

1). You earn 20% as retail profits.
2). You earn 30% as direct sponsorship bonus
3). You earn 10% matching pooling bonus
You earn 10% commission bonus
5). You earn 2% maga travel and cash award
6). You earn 2% home award
7). You earn 2% retirement award
8).  You earn 20% leadership development bonus
1. No request for withdrawals
2. No E-wallet
3. No charges withdrawn from your earnings
4. You earn without leg balancing
5. Gives freedom from ailment
6.You don’t need to take 10 bottles to be free from the ailment
7. Results of products are experienced in minutes
8. Movement  in ranks is easy not slavery 
9. You get products worth more than your registration as welcome gift
10. You choose the products you want
11.  30% direct referral bonus
12. Huge number of PV for each products

When you come to all over the world doctors refer critical health issues to indian and you and I know when it to medical treatment India is the best.

NUEVERGOLD products are manufactured in India and below is the some of them.

And many more……

Here is a brief explanation of the compensation plan 

Nuevergold International offers a Binary Hybrid Compensation Plan which means “Team Bulldozer” needs to place just 2 directors under you, one on your left and one on your right leg.
                             👩‍👧   👨‍👳

When these two directors are placed under you,  you will earn N15,000 direct sponsorship bonus, that is 30% of their kit fee.

Once “Team Bulldozer” places 2 directors each under the 2 persons under you, you will match into 2nd generation with 2,500 matching bonus.

Your down lines in first generation will join you in 2nd generation to earn you a total of N35,000

With these Two directors under you, you can get to the highest level in the business.
You will agree with me that it’s easier to build a two-leg MLM business than three or more legs.

Below is the summary of your earnings from the binary plan

1st   Generation- N17,500
2nd Generation- N35,000
3rd Gen -N70,000
4th Gen -N140,000
5th Gen -N280,000
6th Gen -N560,000
7th Gen -N1,120,000
8th Gen -N2,240,000
9th Gen -N4,480,000
10th ” ”  -N8,960,000
11th ” ”  ⬇. ⬇
   ⬇ Till Infinity ⬇
The deeper the TEAM grows, the deeper you earn.

Benefits of the Plans 

1. Gives freedom from ailments in minutes.

2.Weekly Payout

3.Unlimited Accumulation of Bonus Points. (PV)

4.Leadership Easily Achieved because of huge points on each product

5.Faster to Grow Because of Spillover

6. Allow for Easy Team Building

7. Earn to Infinity

8. Not PV Flush Out

9. No request for withdrawal or Ewallet.Payments are straight to your local account.

10. Qualify for incentives  on One side of your leg even without balancing of 2legs

11.Only company offering shopping allowance on international trips

13.Earn up-to #150k-#3.6m capped in a week as either a national leader or international leader

Note: This is not a company where you are forced to sell any product



All referral issue is done by the TEAM (collectively).

The 100 Contributors/Directors we are gonna start with will join forces together to ensure TEAM BULLDOZER becomes the talk of TOWN! You can be one of the Grand Contributors too

All the Contributors/Directors will sign up before we launch the TEAM officially. After launching the TEAM, the journey towards recruiting of 20,000 team members will begin.

Here Is The Summary Of Our Plans & How We Intend To Achieve All 

👉Our plan is to make sure all our team members get alert every week or at least twice in a month

👉To make sure all our first 100 contributors get to the rank where people around them will get envious of

👉To ensure  at least 1,000,000 sick people across all the states in Nigeria receive their healing through the endless promotion of our made in India health products

👉In this company, some distributors make not less than 10k daily just by selling the miraculous health products, we will ensure that those interested in earning through product selling find it easy and sweeter with the help of the TEAM!

👉We will ensure we get the 20,000 smart Nigerian men and women into our TEAM even before the stipulated TIME

How Do We Intend To Achieve All These And Even More? 

👉 To achieve all these, all the contributors must work. It is called  “TeamWork” so all hands must be on deck .We will join hand together, promote together, publicise the team together, motivate each other, push each other, unite our wealth of experiences and make “TEAM BULLDOZER” one of  the best TEAMS on Earth.

👉We will adopt various marketing strategies for recruiting, such as;

✅Facebook Paid Ads
✅WhatsApp Marketing
✅ Targeted Email Marketing
✅Offline Promotion

To help those that will have interest in selling products, we shall:

👉Create a Facebook page for marketing products

👉Create an online store for automated selling of products

👉Run Google Ads to reach more buyers and to promote our online store as well

As a seller, yours is to be ready to distribute products within your state and its environs, with your support and mine,  TEAM BULLDOZER handles the publicity.


All packages will include kit with products.

Director Pack – N25,000
You will be given products worth N33,000 plus kits

Emerald Pack – N50,000
You will be given products worth N66,000 + kits

Sapphire Pack – N150,000
You will be given products worth N198,000 plus kits

Ruby Pack – N600,000
You will be given products worth N792,000 plus kits.

                  STILL HAVE QUESTIONS? 

~Our target is to get not less than 20,000 smart Nigerian men and women into this great TEAM before 2021. This will automatically make all our first 100 Grand Contributors/Directors millionaires and multi-millionaires respectively.

And before then;

~Our strategic promotion of Nuevergold products must have healed/saved thousands of sick Nigerians from various chronic diseases.

Yes! The TEAM will continue adding figures to your bank account because you have chosen to be a LEADER & a  PIONEER OF GOOD HEALTH.


The offer is; be one of our Grand Contributors and you will be glad you made this decision even in the next 20 years to come. Just mark today’s date.

To accept the offer you need to pay for your REGISTRATION E-PIN.

To get your E-PIN click the following to chat me on whatsapp for guidance

Drop your comments below and don’t forget to share this opportunity to your friends 😎😎😎😎😎

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