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Meet The 57 Years Old Pastor Who is Strong Enough To Drag 15 Cars, An Airplane, A House And A Truck

Hi readers, you may have heard of people who have supernatural strength, people who possess the power to lift heavy objects, drag heavy objects, and do things that it will take the strength of many men to accomplish. Samson in the Bible is a perfect example of people who possess supernatural strength and today, this pastor has broken many records with his amazing strength.

(Kevin Fast)

Kevin Fast is currently 57 years and he was born on April 13, 1963, he’s currently married to Suzanne and he has 3 children which are Abigail, Jacob, and Matthew. Kevin Fast is a pastor in St Paul’s Lutheran Church for over 27 years.

  • (Kevin Fast in the church)

Apart from being a pastor, Kevin Fast is a very strong man, as a matter of fact, he’s one of the strongest men in the world and he has broken so many records despite his age.

  • (Kevin dragging an airplane)
  • (Kevin dragging two fire trucks)
  • (Kevin lifting a lady on a chair)
  • (Kevin lifting a heaving stone)
  • (Kevin pulling a fire truck)
  • (Kevin lifting about 10 people with his back)
  • (Kevin pulling 15 cars at once)
  • (Another time Kevin pulled a plane)
  • (Kevin pulling a house)


The weight of a fully grown elephant is 6 tons, and Kevin Fast has pulled a plane that weighed 188 tons. He also pulled a house that weighed 40 tons, pulled a fire truck several times, pulled 15 cars at once and many other impressive feats.

Considering the fact that an adult elephant weighs 6 tons, if we compare it to the airplane Kevin Fast pulled, then this means that he can pull the weight 31 elephants put together. Kevin spends time training but Kevin believes that his amazing strength is a gift from God.

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