long term old young lady assaulted by 11 men and tossed to her demise from working subsequent to being baited by ‘companion’


A 19-year-elderly person has kicked the bucket in the wake of being assaulted by at any rate 11 men and tossed from the 6th floor of a structure.

Hamdi Mohamed Farah was tricked to meet a male companion on Friday a week ago, September 11, yet was assaulted by a gathering of men in Mogadishu, Somalia.

11 captures have been made up until now and police say they are as yet attempting to distinguish different suspects.

Understudy Hamdi had been set to take on school and her demise has started tremendous fights around the nation.

In an announcement, police stated: “We have captured 11 individuals over the ongoing assault case in Wabari neighborhood in Mogadishu and endeavors to follow and distinguish different suspects are continuous.”

long term old young lady assaulted by 11 men and tossed to her demise from working subsequent to being tricked by

As indicated by neighborhood media, Hamdi left her home at late morning subsequent to organizing to meet a companion.

Her family later got an appalling call educating them that her body was in a mortuary.

MP Mustaf Sheik Ali Duhulow told columnists: “The assault and murdering of Hamdi sent shockwaves across Somalia, and no stone will be left unturned to guarantee equity is served.”

Individual MP Hassan Moalim included: “I need to tell the Somali public and my constituents that I won’t rest until the late Hamdi gets the equity she merits.”

Demonstrators state insufficient is being done to handle savagery against ladies in Somalia.

Abdirahman Abdisahur, pioneer of the Wadajir Party, tweeted: “We need to all things considered defy this sort of wrongdoing and reject it with one voice.”

Bilan Bile, of the Somali National Women’s Organization (SNWO) told the Nation that another mission will be dispatched in the repercussions of the murdering.

She stated: “Our mission will be planned like the widespread “Me Too development.

“We will urge Somali ladies to shed the negative demeanor of considering assault to be an unmentionable event.”

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