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Lead Generation Ideas for Your Next Marketing Campaign

Lead generation is a very important aspect of digital marketing for a business to achieve its goals and grow. It increases awareness of your brand and business and converts prospective customers into actual buying customers. However, in order to achieve success in any digital marketing campaign, it is always good to partner with a professional, experienced Digital Marketing Agency or anywhere else. For businesses, it is even more beneficial to get in contact with an agent who is a Google Premier Partner.

Here are some tips followed by any Lead Generation Agency or anywhere else, in their digital marketing campaigns.

Gated Content – Gated content is online materials such as white papers, e-books, guides, or webinars, which can only be accessed by a user once they fill out a form. The form works as a lead capture form, and while the business gets information regarding a lead, the user gets access to the content they are interested in. This is a great tactic followed by any Digital Marketing Agency and Lead Generation Agency, as it gets you high quality, relevant leads.

Landing Page – Having a creative landing page that is optimized is very important for any business. A landing page must be attractive, easy to use, and give out a clear message regarding the product. It should be optimized with the right search keywords and a call-to-action statement which will persuade a visitor to take an action. For example, if you are a company seeking lead generation for real estate, you could have a call-to-action button that says, “Inquire Now”, “Sign up now” or “Contact Now”, which would prompt a user to get in touch with you regarding real estate they are interested in.

An easy to use, the attractive landing page will keep your visitors browsing for long periods of time and would ultimately convert the visit to a sale. Any Digital Marketing Agency will tell you that if the page is unappealing or difficult to navigate, customers will soon lose interest and leave.

Email Marketing – Email marketing is another great method of generating leads according to a much-experienced Lead Generation Agency. Email campaigns are an easy way of building a relationship with your customers and is also an excellent method of remarketing because you can remind a previous visitor about an interest they had in your products. Email marketing can take many forms, such as Welcome Emails, Product updates, or even a regular newsletter.

PPC – PPC, or paid ads, are a very cost-effective method of generating leads, not to mention accurate, according to any experienced PPC Agency. They are cost-effective because you only pay when a customer clicks on your advertisement, and they are accurate because by using SEM Management, you can bid on the right keywords which will match to a person’s search criteria and as soon as someone searches online for similar products or services your ad will be displayed. It is a good idea to get a Google Ads Agency who is a Google Premier Partner to help you with your Google Ads campaigns, as they will have the expertise to make it successful. Leads generated through PPC are high-quality leads that make possible higher conversion rates. An important thing to remember is that your ad content and landing pages must be in tune with each other in order to be attractive to visitors.

Remarketing – Lure back those visitors who came to your online store but didn’t actually convert to a lead through remarketing campaigns conducted by experts from a Digital Marketing Agency. It will not only rekindle that interest in your potential customers but will also create awareness about your brand or business.

Social Media – Constantly engaging with your followers on Social Media platforms through interactive chats, interesting content, etc keeps you in the minds of your customer at all times and any good Digital Marketing Agency will tell you what an important role social media plays in marketing. In addition, social media is a great way of promoting lead magnets such as offers, because, let’s face it, people are always on social media and it is the easiest way to reach them.

Referrals – Why not make your customers work for you to generate leads? According to a Lead Generation Agency, most people will trust a recommendation coming from a friend or family member rather than a complete stranger, hence a referral system with rewards to customers is a good way to generate leads. This is especially true when you are looking at lead generation for real estate. Referrals also increase your brand awareness as people tell each other about your business.

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