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I paid her settlement henceforth I own her – Controversial Kenyan Twitter character says ladies shouldn’t be given opportunity after marriage


Skipper Kale, a frank and mainstream Twitter character, who is an easily recognized name in Kenya on Friday Septembrer 11, said that wedded ladies shouldn’t be given opportunity after marriage as per him, on the off chance that you pay her endowment, she turns into your property.

Kale expressed this while responding to a subject where radio personality, Maina Kagena got some information about the meaning of opportunity in marriage.

“Women, when you tell your significant other you need opportunity in your marriage/relationship, what do you signify” the theme peruses.

Many gave their perspectives on what characterizes opportunity in marriage. One lady stated: “It’s opportunity to act naturally as long as I handle my obligations as a spouse and mother. Opportunity to go out with my lady friends, wear what I need and on the grounds that he confides in me, I regard him”

Hillary stated: “Marriage is really a transmission from being distant from everyone else to being with somebody so any choice includes two gatherings you can’t simply conclude yourself to do your own. Opportunity is permitted yet it’s restricted in the event that you are a kind of lady who needs it in bounty simply be single you will have it limitless.period,”

“Dinah Kinyae: When I go out, he shouldn’t ask me where I’m going and when I return, he shouldn’t ask me what I’m accustomed to. I’m an adult and know my cutoff points hell”

Douglas Adaka: “Women who request opportunity after share is paid are saboteurs and they should realize that they are legitimately possessed. Just the individuals who share hasn’t been paid should request opportunity,”

Mike Nyingi: “You can’t be hitched and need to act like you are single… . Once in a marriage, it’s no longer me or I… it’s us or we”

In his own response, Captain Kale suggested offering opportunity to ladies to giving a completely stacked weapon to your foe.

“At the point when I wedded her, I paid for her, subsequently me claiming her. She ought to do as I state. Indeed, even her going to express hey to her folks needs me to consider it,” he tweeted.

“Ladies are reckless people and they should be guided everytime. They can’t work without somebody being no picnic for them,”

“Giving ladies fredom resembles giving a firearm loaded with shots to your foe” Kale included.

Composing further, he said that a lady ought not visit her own folks without illuminating her significant other 5 months ahead of time.

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