I can swear Olori Ajoke didn’t have an unsanctioned romance with KWAM 1 – Wife of Alaafin of Oyo, Olori Folashade Adeyemi says


Olori Folashade Adeyemi, one of the spouses of 81-year-old Alaafin of Oyo, says she can definitively express that her kindred sovereign, Olori Ajoke, never took part in an extramarital entanglements with fuji performer, K1 de Ultimate, otherwise called KWAM 1.

In April this year, bits of gossip were overflowing on the web that Olori Ajoke who is supposed to be the spouse of the 81-year-old ruler, was asked to take a hike from the castle over her supposed issue with the music maestro. The Musician and the Olori came out to deny the claim. KWAM in a meeting said it was even an untouchable to hold such an idea not to mention following up on it. Peruse here and here.

In a meeting with the Nation, Olori Folashade said she can “swear with her life” that her kindred sovereign never had such an undertaking.

”The episode was very disastrous. Each one of those things that you heard were simple manufactures. Something like this never occurred. They were all falsehoods.

The story truly made we all tragic when it broke, on the grounds that we realized that something like this never occurred. Obscure to many, KWAM 1 is notable in the royal residence. He accepts us as his moms. He approaches us with deference. I can swear that something like this never occurred.” she said

Olori Folashade went through a world of fond memories on how she met the ruler when she was 25 years of age.

”I met him just because when I was on a journey to the royal residence. During the trip, I posed him endless inquiries. Most likely that was the place he checked out me. I mentioned to have a meeting with him to know more and build up the venture I was chipping away at. I was only 25 years of age at that point. We got comfortable and he later proposed marriage.” she said

When asked what pulled in her to the ruler when they fired dating and wound up getting hitched, she said

He is insightful and shrewd. Most occasions when he isn’t in the workplace or taking care of guests, he is in the library perusing. He peruses a great deal and urges us to peruse as well. Now and again he would advise you to search for the importance of a word; you will be amazed that he would disclose to you the significance of that word as it is written in the word reference or on Google. He is such a brilliant man. His profundity of information is unparalleled.

He is likewise an exceptional Yoruba ruler. He is famous and splendid, and there is no spot he can’t go as a Yoruba oba. Alaafin is the first among the Yoruba obas. The manner in which he does his things are unique.”

Olori Folashade depicted the ruler as an exceptionally sentimental man.

Kabiyesi is extremely sentimental. In the event that you are not near him, you won’t realize that he is adoring and kind. Now and again when I’m in the kitchen, he would come and offer to help. While at the school, he would dish nourishment for me and educate the driver to carry it to class.

The distinction in our age hole has not prevented him from demonstrating friendship. He shows friendship more than a portion of these youngsters you see outside there. What a youngster can do out there, Kabiyesi improves.

She said she was apprehensive when she moved into his home as his better half.

”Truly, I was apprehensive. You realize I was originating from an alternate foundation to go along with others. I didn’t have the foggiest idea what I was going to meet or how others would respond, thus numerous different inquiries were seething in my psyche. Yet, when I got into the royal residence, I found that my feelings of trepidation were pointless. The ayabas (sovereigns) were generally excellent to me. I got a warm gathering. They showed me royal residence morals, how to dress, how to consolidate hues, the principles and guidelines of the castle and custom. The ayabas were brilliant and agreeable.”

The mum of a lot of triplets related the delight she had when she invited her infants. As per her, she is the principal sovereign to bring forth triplets in Yoruba land.

”Prior to bringing forth the triplets, I confronted a great deal of difficulties. I sat tight for a long time before they came. Their introduction to the world was noteworthy for some reasons.

To start with, while admiring God for youngsters to come, I went to hajj in 2008 and implored God to give me twins, however in noting my supplication, He gave me triplets. Kabiyesi inclines toward that his spouses conceive an offspring early. In this way, the three years I had paused, Allah repaid me with three youngsters. Regardless of whether there was no postponement, I was unable to have had multiple kids in those three years.

Besides, I’m additionally the primary sovereign in Yoruba land to bring forth triplets. Proceed to check history. I don’t have the foggiest idea whether some other spouse of a Yoruba lord will bring forth four tomorrow, yet I’ve established a precedent. I know a few spouses of Yoruba rulers with twins, however not triplets.” she said

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