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Talk to people you look up to
Since starting a business, I have come across so many people I look up to. People I would love to connect with or have a conversation with.
But I never did anything about it.
But once I started reaching out to people I looked up to, I was so glad I did! Sometimes it was to ask for advice, other times it was just to say hi and let them know I enjoyed what they were putting out into the world.
Find out someone who is making it big at what you want to do and just send them an email and tell them how much you admire them! Even if they don’t reply or give you a lending hand, at least, they know you admire them or what they do.

Cut down on your use of technology
It won’t kill you!!!
We are so reliant on technology these days; it’s almost a little scary. I mean, have you ever found yourself opening your phone, only to forget why you picked it up in the first place?
So many times a day we check our phones just out of habit!
Not only is it often just a waste of time, but we’re shutting ourselves off from connections with the people around us.
I challenge you to turn off the smartphone and close down the computer and TV for an entire day. Instead, just focus on interacting with people and enjoying activities you don’t normally make time for like reading a book, having a deep conversation, or spending time in nature.

Make a goal to save up
Setting a savings goal can definitely be a challenge and an especially uncomfortable one if it means cutting your spending to reach your goal. But in the long run, you’ll be so glad you challenged yourself in this way.
When I have a trip or another large expense I’m planning for, I always like to break it down and determine how much I need to be saving every month in order to reach my goal. Sometimes I can fit that within my current spending, but often times it means cutting spending in other areas.

Keep a diary
As a kid, I kept a journal pretty regularly. As an adult, however, I struggled to stay consistent for a long time.
And yet I’ve found that when I consistently journal, or at least journal when I’m having a lot of thoughts running around in my head, that it helps keep my anxiety at bay.
If you’re someone who has a lot of anxious thoughts, I challenge you to start writing in a journal every day, at least until you have time to figure out if it’s helpful for you.

Get back together with a longtime friend
We all have those old friends who we still consider friends, but who we probably don’t reach out to all that often. Sometimes, it can be easier to just let things be than it is to put in the effort to revive the friendship.
As someone who has had a chance to reconnect with old friends, I can say it’s been an amazing experience for me! Those people were in your life for a reason, so it’s worth working for those friendships!

Start a new exercise procedure
Sticking to a workout procedure can be so tough! We have the best of intentions, but then we talk ourselves out of it after we’ve had a long day. Or we just forget about it altogether!
The best way I’ve found to stick to my workouts is to prepare everything ahead of time and make my intention know. For example, if I wanted to do yoga in the morning before work, I would tell my boyfriend my plan, and then I would get my yoga mat set up the night before so it’s there waiting for me in the morning.
I also love using habit trackers to motivate me to stick to a new habit!

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