How To Get YouTube Subscribers

There are strategies you can use to get YouTube subscribers. In this post am going to show you how to get YouTube subscribers which you can use to grow your new channel.

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5 ways To Get YouTube Subscribers 

1. Power Playlist

Most of playlist are organized by topic, power playlist are organized by outcomes. You can get more subscribers from the topic of your videos and what your videos is all about.

2. Post Long videos 

In this study I analyzed factors that is going to help your videos to rank on YouTube search. Yes, long videos rank well on YouTube search engines. This is one of the main reason you have to create at least 10mins videos.

3. Promote Your Videos 

Here’s the secret, the more of your videos people watch, the more likely they are  going to subscribe. To do this, try included 10 seconds of time at the end of your videos for your end screen.

Here is how it looks like:

4. Branding Watermark

This is ultimate YouTube subscriber hack, you know that you can always add branding watermark to your videos like this below

This watermark allow viewers to subscribe to your channel inside your videos. So,  decided to try something new and make sure you use attractive watermark for it.

5. Unique and quality Content 

Before you start youtu channel you should have known this, if you want to grow you must to create unique content and focus on quality not quantity. Instead of quantity is better to focus on quality, few people that watch didn’t even bother to subscribe or share it because they don’t get what they want from it.


Here is How your use to get YouTube subscribers if you find it useful don’t forget to share and drop your comments below.







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