How to change wordpress website footer in 2 minutes with plugin



In some free wordpress theme you may not see any option to edit or change your website copyright constant in your default footer. Today am going to show step by steps how to change wordpress website footer in 2 minutes with free plugin.

First thing you have to do is to login to your wordpress site and install plugin called visual footer credit remover and activate. it.


Steps 1.

Install and activate visual footer credit remover  this plugin on your wordpress site.


Steps 2.

Once you activate the plugin click tools>visual footer credit remover as you see it above.


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Steps 3.

Double tap your current copyright and it will be removed, then use the box above to write your own copyright constant and click  save.


Steps 4.

Once you save it come back to your website and everything will change exactly the way you write it.  If you find this post useful don’t forget to share and drop your comments below.


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