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Here Are 3 Most Powerful Animals In The World, That Can Take Down A Full Grown Elephant

  1. Lions

The Lions have been around for many centuries, they are known for their ruthless taste for blood and they have a bad reputation.

Why I mentioned the Lions is because the are very aggressive when hungry and can take out anything on sight just to feed.


Most especially the male Lions they are more superior and heavier than the females by 50% and can take down a full grown elephant in just minutes.


  1. Tigers

Tigers are even 5times more dangerous than lions and more aggressive.

An average tiger can take down buffalo that’s not fully grown to an adult.

While the full grown tigers can bring down a full grown elephant just in minutes, not minding if it’s a male or female tigress, their teeth are 4 inches long when fully grown and can bite dip in any flesh.


  1. Crocodiles

Sounds strange right? But it’s ture a crocodile has more balance in water and can pull any animal down when it’s in territory which is the water.


A crocodile’s teeth is 5 to 6 inches and can chew off anything once it grabs it with his teeth. They are always angry and aggressive, even when hungry or not.

They are strategic while on water and can kill an elephant as long it’s inside the water.

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