Except if Buhari follows his means, there will be no Nigeria left by 2023 – Femi Fani Kayode


Previous Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, says except if President Buhari “follows his means in directing the issues of the country, there will be no Nigeria left by 2023.”

Femi Fani Kayode expressed this in a post shared on his Facebook page tonight. His post comes days after previous President Olusegun Obasanjo thought that Nigeria is gradually turning into a fizzled and partitioned state under the Buhari-drove organization.

Peruse FFK’s post underneath

In 2015 I said Buhari WOULD separate Nigeria, you didn’t trust me.

In 2017 I said Buhari HAD isolated Nigeria, you didn’t trust me.

In 2019 I said Buhari had pushed Nigeria to the BRINK of crumbling, you didn’t trust me.

Today I state except if Buhari remembers his means and we assemble spans between ourselves there will be no Nigeria left by 2023, you don’t trust me.

At each point throughout the most recent 5 years my words have end up being prophetic, I have been demonstrated right and I have been vindicated.

Those that question my exhortations, direction and words do as such at their own danger and honestly it takes NOTHING from me one way or the other. The message matters and not what you think about the courier.

The severe truth is that the best impetus for the crumbling of Nigeria and the most valuable and valued blessing to those that trust Nigeria should separate into pieces is Muhammadu Buhari.

He has filled their need very well since he has not just completely separated Nigeria and crushed our nation’s feeling of public union and solidarity however he has likewise butchered her, hacked her into pieces and covered her in a wide range of areas!

A valuable egg called Nigeria was set into his hands in 2015 yet he has squashed its shell, broken its soul and crushed its spirit.

Today you see countless children and little girls of the South West gladly walking and showing in the roads of the capitals of a large number of the western forces requesting for the privilege of self-assurance and the foundation of the sovereign and free territory of Oduduwa.

Today you see a large number of IPOB young people everywhere on over the world challenging the chances, taking a chance with their lives and freedom and requesting for a choice in the South East and the foundation of the Republic of Biafra.

Today you see encouraged, red hot and gallant men like Obadiah Mailafia valiantly supporting the a great many individuals in the Middle Belt who have been exposed to the impassion, insensitivity, evil, oppression and enslavement of this Government.

Today the individuals of the center north itself are standing up out of frustration and saying “enough of this uncouth savagery” that they are seeing consistently in their homesteads and roads.

In the event that these issues, difficulties and tumults are not taken care of with affectability, getting, limitation, intelligence and care and if the Buhari organization keeps on showing its trademark exemption and scorn for the worries, fears and will of the individuals, we might be pushed over the verge and our nation likely could be dove into a long, horrendous and calamitous clash in which millions will bite the dust and nobody will win.

Today in Nigeria we are not, at this point our siblings manager and love, generosity and noble cause to our neighbors and to each other have become scant wares.

Tragically we have become a bombed condition of broke dreams sitting near the very edge of one more affable war.

For this by itself, history will pass judgment on President Muhammadu Buhari brutally and successors won’t be benevolent to him.”

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