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Be Your Best Self To Get What You Want

Be Your Best Self To Get What You Want
If I asked you if it were possible to get into the best shape of your life, we could agree that it is. If I asked you if it were possible for you to become smarter than you’ve ever been, I think we could agree that you could work hard, study, learn, and practice more than you ever had. But strangely, learning to be your best self seems so unobtainable to many. To some, if even seems impossible.
But it isn’t. It just requires you to work harder and more diligently than you ever have. Is it worth it? Just ask yourself this: Would you like to be the smartest, best looking, fittest, funniest, best dressed, most compassionate, loving person you’ve ever been? Would you like to be your own definition of the perfect person?
If you answered yes, you’ve taken the first step to becoming your best self. The journey is long, the obstacles hard. The plan, though, is simple. Define, plan, execute, redefine, plan, execute again, repeat. Let’s go over the plan in a little more detail.

1. Imagine your future self
Think about your perfect self. What does she or he look like? How does she or he speak, think, eat, and interact with others? What is she or he capable of that you aren’t?
Define your perfect self in adjectives that are measurable and obtainable. For example, you can say, “He is kind and treats everyone with compassion,” or “She is strong and eats healthy food in order to improve her health.”
It’s best if you take the time to write these things down and keep them somewhere where you will be able to see them at least once a week. This will help remind you what you are working toward.
It is also important to prioritize these things in order to be your best self. You may have many things on your list, and that’s great! However, try to choose one at a time to consciously work on. For example, you can start by trying to eat healthier by replacing junk food with fruit. Once that becomes a habit, you can work on speaking more clearly in meetings with your boss. Take it one step at a time and see how fast you grow as a person.

2. Face your challenges
It’s a good idea to start with the shortest timed goals. “I will floss every day” will only take about a week or two to perfect, whereas “I will run a marathon” will like take at least several months.
Get started with the ones you know you can complete quickly in order to build confidence. With each habit you introduce into your newly constructed lifestyle, you will be one step closer to your perfect self.
You will also gain momentum with each goal, which will motivate you towards the next goal. By the time you reach the goals that could take months or even years to implement, you’ll be so full of new skills and motivation that you’ll tackle them with no problem.

3. Make sure the achievements you set match your purpose
Remember that each of your goals should have purpose. You may find that a couple of months or years down the line; a certain goal of yours no longer suits your interests or priorities.
Maybe there is no good purpose for being 10% body fat, but instead you find it important to have functional strength and cardiovascular stamina. In this case, you would align your plan to fit your new goals. Instead of focusing on body fat percentage, you would plan workouts that focused on increasing strength and stamina.
Take some time at least once a month to ensure that your goals are still pointing you in the direction of your priorities and life purpose. If they’re not, take some time to alter your vision and your plan.

My Final Words:
With the victory of each goal implemented into your lifestyle, you’ll be one step closer to learning how to be your best self. Each victory will mark a decision you made and plan that you carried out, work that you did to make yourself better. You’ll feel better about yourself with each victory, and with the learning of each new skill or the discipline of each focus, you’ll find it much easier to move to the next goal.
It’s a long journey to the top of the mountain, but it’s completely obtainable and totally worth the effort. Start climbing today, and you’ll be well on your way before you even start feeling the pain. Good luck, and I’ll see you at the top!

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