7-year-old young lady butchered by obscure lady for custom reason while selling brushes in Jos


A 7-year-old young lady recognized as Juwairiya Auwal was butchered by a presumed female ritualist inside a cabin in Jos Museum, Plateau State.

It was accumulated that on Saturday, September 5, Juwairiya Auwal and her senior sister Fatima Auwal, went out as regular to peddle brushes around Tudun OC in Rikkos people group, Jos north neighborhood government zone of the state, when they were confronted by an obscure Fulani lady.

Describing how her more youthful sister was murdered, Fatima said they were selling when they met the Fulani lady who at first claimed to be a forthcoming costomer.

The lady requested that they give her a brush complimentary yet they cannot. Out of nowhere, she contacted their heads and they wound up in a cabin in the famous Jos Museum.

As per Fatima, when she opened her eyes she found the older lady butchering Jumairiya. She figured out how to get away to search for help.

“I ran searching for help, I met a man perusing a paper and describe what befell him, yet before we returned to the cottage, the elderly person had vanished. The man hurried to the closest police headquarters and revealed the occurrence. The police showed up and got the cadaver of my sister to Plateau State Specialist Hospital. Interestingly, my sister was butchered, however no hint of her blood on the ground or her body”.

The most recent episode happened barely any weeks after a little youngster named Faruk Abubakar was butchered for custom reason by obscure people in Tudun Fera region of Jos.

Sharing photographs of the young lady, one Assiddiq Jibrin Abubakar uncovered that Fatima and Jumairiya’s dad was slaughtered by the police during an emergency in October 2019, while their mom is jobless. The family live at Yanshanu Nassarawa Gwom in Jos Local Government Area of Plateau State.

The police delivered the body to the family and she has since been covered.

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