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7 Unsolved Mysteries Around The World That Still Need Answers

Our planet is a lot weirder than it seems. It’s full of odd and enigmatic things that can’t and can’t be explained by us humans. In an essay today, we’re going to talk about 7 unanswered mysteries across the globe that still need answers.

  1. Taos Hum

In the tiny town of Taos, New Mexico, the people constantly heard a strange sound they called hum. In a silent setting, it is a low-pitched voice that is heard that sounds like a distant diesel engine. The source of this sound is still unclear, after several inquiries.


  1. Harold disappearance

Harold Hold went down to Cheviot beach to swim in December 1967 and unexpectedly died. At that time, because he was the Prime Minister of Australia, one of Australia’s largest search operations has begun. For the next two days, the army, the marines, the air force, and local volunteers hunted all over him but did not locate a single sign of him. It is also a mystery of how he finally vanished.


  1. Lady Dais

In China, archaeologists have uncovered an ancient body that is the most well-preserved body to date. The body is about 2000 years old and is known as the Han Dynasty Lady Dais. At the age of about 50, probably due to a heart attack, she died between 178 and 145 BC. The mummy’s skin is already flexible and the muscles will flex her arms and legs. The mummy was held in a mystical substance that scientists are now unable to reproduce.


  1. Placebo Effect

The placebo effect is when a patient takes a doctor’s prescribed bogus medication and feels better. This bogus drug works because people want it to work and hope it will work. When a person takes false medications and starts to suffer complications caused by actual drugs, a similar result is known as the Nocebo effect. This phenomenon indicates that there is a mystical, intricate relation between mind and body that we don’t know about.


  1. Dancing Plague

A lady, Frau Troffea, started dancing in Strasbourg Street on July 15 AD. It was not about fun either. It was an addiction that quickly spread to the city within a month, with 400 other people from Strasbourg joining her in dancing. Not only for 4 days or weeks but months, they dance endlessly. Any of them have died of heart attacks, strokes, and fatigue. Nobody understood that they became so consumed with music that they lost their lives.


  1. Spontaneous Combustion

On 15 September 1982, while seated on a chair, Jeannie Saffin finally covered herself up in flames. Her father, who witnessed the incident, says he saw a flashlight coming from the corner of her eyes and hands. She shrouded herself in flames and did not scream or even move. No explanation for Jeannie’s burning was discovered during the police investigation. There was no evidence of the house burning, save for her corpse. It is still unclear the cause of her death.


  1. Red Rain

Heavy rain fell sporadically in the southern Indian state of Kerala in 2001, from July to September. It wasn’t a normal storm, but it was a special one. The color of the water in the rain was red. Clouds were coughing out blood. It is because of airborne spores from locally prolific terrestrial algae, the Indian government said. But a 2006 media story reported the colored particles were extraterrestrial cells. It is still uncertain, despite a great deal of study.

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