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7 Images Of People Which Proves That Super Humans Exists

  1. Superhuman Memory

Stephen Wiltshire is a man who can draw a whole urban city from his mind or memory by just looking at the city structure once. Amazing isn’t it?


He once drew a the city structure of new york spending hours while drawing it on a 19 feet wall.


  1. The Man who Never Sleep’s

Thai Ngoc is a Vietnamese sleep deprived person who proves to have not rested for a very long time.


After an electrical discharge in 1973 on his body, Thai gained his stunning capacity. Specialists state he shows no evil impacts of lack of sleep however indeed is intellectually solid and had the option to Carry heavyweights for significant distances.


  1. Ice-Man

Wim Hof is too immune to deadly virus. He proves he can control his own inward body temperature by the intensity of his mind.


Hof holds 20 Guinness World Records for his capacity and in 2007 moved to 6.7km height on Mount Everest in only shorts, only having a foot injury.


  1. The Real Life Batman

Daniel Kish lost both of his eyes to retinal disease by the age of 13 months. As a child, he incredibly clicked with his mouth and trained himself to explore his environmental factors by hearing or echolocation.


He can ride a bicycle, climb alone and do anything a normal human being will do which proves that his sight is amazingly better attributable to the way that he can see through dividers and has 360 degree vision even though he’s blind. Today he ventures to the far corners of the planet and runs his own association “World Access For The Blind”.


  1. The World’s Most Strongest Kid

At the age of 6 months, Liam hoekstra could walk upright without help including climb up the stairs unassisted. By the age of 1, he could do push ups! By the age of 1 year and a half he could lift and move the furniture in his family home.


This is indeed incredible from the way that Liam was brought into the world with an amazingly uncommon condition-an inadequacy in Myostatin.


It’s a protein that speeds up the development of muscle inside the body muscle of the child and has made him the strongest kid ever.


  1. The Monk With Hard Skin

Zhao Rui is a Shaolin priest who has prepared himself to withstand dangerous sharp items. In a shocking trick, Rui held a force drill against his head without breaking the skin for 10 seconds.

Other unbelievable things he did includes twisting an iron bar against his throat and lying upon metal spikes while breaking Stones with his head. Amazing right?


  1. The Battery/Electric Man

Slavisa Pajkic has the superhuman capacity to withstand extraordinary amounts of electric entering his own body without torment or injury. In 1983, he set his first world record, when a normal human being would be quickly wounded or even die by a simple 50 volts.


In 2003, he set his second record when he had the option to lead enough power to hear a pot of water to 97 degrees celsius (which is nearly the breaking point of water!!) in 1 moment and 37 seconds!

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